Psychotherapy And Restorative Coaching

Psychotherapy aims at increasing our well-being, personal and professional relationships while working through issues that have a deeper impact on present day functioning that may include trauma, addiction and substance abuse issues, complex behavioral health issues such as depression and anxiety,, co-occurring disorders, family of origin issues, gender identity and LGBTQ issues. Psychotherapy tends to work better in person, although telephone or internet sessions can be available, depending on personal needs and schedule.  Jean has over thirty years of experience in abstinence based 12-step programs, and over twelve years of experience in harm-reduction, motivational interviewing, CBT/DBT, and Mindfulness based practices. She also has twenty years of training and experience in Psychosynthesis, a transpersonal psychology that is a more holistic, compassionate, collaborative and authentic approach to therapy.

Restorative Coaching is both an active collaboration and ideal for focusing on current personal and/or professional issues.  Coaching can help maximize both professional and personal outcomes and growth. The coaching relationship can develop the awareness, steps, support and motivation that can lead to healthy change while creating the relationships and lifestyles that support us to get there. Issues ideal for coaching are recovery from addiction in areas of substance use and relationships, development of healthier lifestyles, relationship transitions, and important life transitions in all areas of career, health or family.  Jean also works collaboratively with Business and Corporate Executives, utilizing her own past experience as a business development and sales Executive in both Fortune 500 and start-up software companies that included mergers, acquisitions and a successful NASDAQ IPO .


Jean's thirty years of personal and professional experience in transforming a random act of violence and subsequent complex trauma into recovery, advocacy and growth has been her life's work.  As a Professional Interventionist, Ms. Rhea provides individuals, couples and families with the education, assessments, coaching, and information on addiction and treatment options that can open a pathway to family recovery.  Although it may be the addicted family member who is driving the family to seek an Intervention, it is often the family unit and system that can participate in recovery as well.   Jean's expertise best-practice approaches includeing Motivational Interviewing, the 12-Step Model, Harm Reduction, the Recovery Model, Psychosynthesis, Positive Psychology and Mindfulness based practices. Ms. Rhea has over thirty years of experience in collaborating with Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice and Victims Services, Psychiatrists, Medical, Behavioral Health and Wellness Professionals, Substance Abuse Treatment Programs and 12 Step Programs.


Jean A. Rhea